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Is the inside of your property looking old and dated? Has years of neglect taken its toll? If so, you need the help of the property refurbishment Bournemouth team here at Marvel Home Developments. Our modern company adopts a fresh and honest approach to building renovations. Whatever your budget, we’ll ensure that your Bournemouth property refurbishment is completed on time.

The best choice for your property refurbishment in Bournemouth

Nothing beats the appeal of a stepping into a newly built property. The feel of new carpet under your feet, the dazzling shine of fixtures that have never been used, and furniture that still has that fresh showroom smell. At Marvel Home Developments, we provide the best service for property refurbishment Bournemouth has seen. With our talented team at your side, there is no reason why your home can’t again feel like a new-build property.

But how is this all possible? Read on below to find out more about our Bournemouth property refurbishment services.

What can Marvel Home Developments do for you?

The first step in any property refurbishment in Bournemouth is to assess the current condition of the property. We will carry out a thorough survey and compile a detailed account of any work that will be required. Once we have finished our survey, you will be supplied with our complete property refurbishment Bournemouth report and a quotation that is highly competitive.

From individual rooms to a complete Bournemouth property refurbishment, we tackle buildings that have deteriorated as a result of age or damage. We boast all trades under one roof with a multi-skilled workforce able to deliver a wide range of services. From underpinning and remodelling to full-scale alterations, you can be confident of the best property refurbishment Bournemouth has to offer.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, a property refurbishment in Bournemouth carried out by Marvel Home Developments provides so much more including:

Temporary roof structures

Stripping out

Major structural steel work

Electrical, plumbing and heating installation

Plastering, tiling painting and decorating

Raising and lowering existing floor levels

We supply you with a site project manager who will oversee your property refurbishment in Bournemouth from start-to-finish. By creating a schedule in advance, you will have assurances that your restoration will be completed on time and in full. We work to industry standards and in full compliance with health and safety. Our ability to take and simplify even the most complex projects ensures that you receive the finest property refurbishment Bournemouth has experienced.

What are the advantages of a Bournemouth property renovation?

If you’re deciding on whether refurbishing your property is the right decision for you, it’s worth noting the benefits that a refurbishment will entail. To help make your decision a little easier, we’ve listed below the benefits of renovating your home.

Fewer limiting factors

While buying a newer property may certainly yield its own rewards, you will also likely end up inheriting the new property’s faults – which could be much worse! By instead opting for our Bournemouth property refurbishment service, you have the option to restore your home while holding onto the things about the property that you love.

Refurbishments are even preferable to new build homes as there are far fewer restrictions and less paperwork. Plus, all work will typically fall under the existing planning agreement.

Make improvements quickly

Your home could spend months on the market waiting for a buyer, especially if it’s in poor condition. Likewise, a new build will take anywhere up to six months to be ready to move into. Instead, choose Marvel Home Developments to deliver your property refurbishment in Bournemouth, and you could be reaping the benefits in a matter of weeks.


Whether you’re buying and selling or having a new home built, the process is expensive. For those buying, you could find yourself taking on a property with its own issues and lacking the funds to have them dealt with. By investing in your property, you’ll find the whole process to be far more cost-effective. Changes can be made quickly and at a fraction of the cost of the above alternatives.

Increase the resale value of your home

It stands to reason that a home that has been restored throughout will attract far more interest than a property that has seen better days. This is because buyers will deduct the cost of renovations from the offered amount. If you’re eventually planning on selling your home, investing in the most trusted purveyor of services for property refurbishment Bournemouth has experienced is definitely the smart choice.

Corrects any existing faults

As mentioned above, your home may have a number of faults such as leaking pipework, damp patches and rotting timber frames. These issues if left unresolved could eventually render your home uninhabitable. As well as addressing the cosmetic aspects of a property refurbishment in Bournemouth, Marvel Home Developments can also take care of these underlying problems.

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Why choose our property refurbishment Bournemouth specialists?

Since 2003, Marvel Home Developments has strived to represent the highest standards of excellence. From extensions to conversions. From kitchens and bathrooms to a Bournemouth property refurbishment, we deliver quality and affordability to our customers. Regardless of the size and complexity of the project, we bring our dedication along with our commitment to working alongside you from start-to-finish.

As part of our drive to provide the most reasonably priced services around, we regularly benchmark our prices against those of our competitors. When you choose Marvel Home Developments, you’ll discover that we have so much more to offer. Have a read on further as we have listed a few of these reasons below:

Honest and impartial advice

Prompt and reliable

Years of experience

Fair pricing

Customer satisfaction with a personal touch

Exceptional workmanship

Competent in all areas of the building trade

Marvel Home Developments firmly believe in fair pricing

Customer satisfaction with a personal touch


If you’re looking for inspiration, why not take a look at our gallery to see what we can do for your property refurbishment in Bournemouth.


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